04/11/2006 (04:30AM): Spend More Than 10 Hours Plus Just To Finish 30% Of Projects On My Website.

04/11/2006 (06:00PM): My Next Project Is Work On Aboutme.html And Contactme.html.

04/11/2006 (07:51PM): KIM TAE HUI Gallery (1,2,3) Link Working By Now.

05/11/2006 (12:54AM): KIM TAE HUI Newspapers Page Is Ready.

05/11/2006 (06:53PM): KIM TAE HUI Profile Page Is Working Now.

05/11/2006 (07:35PM): The Aboutme.html and Contactme.html is up already.

05/11/2006 (07:55PM): Next Project Is Work On Kim Tae Hui VideoClips , Add More Kim Tae Hui Pictures And Start To Do Hyori Pages.

05/11/2006 (09:40PM): Kim Tae Hui Video-Clips Page Is Open Now And I Already Put The Best Clips In There Enjoy It!!!

05/11/2006 (10:00PM): Working On Download Section And Forum Section But At The Moments Both Links Are Down.

06/11/2006 (01:19AM): I Have Change The Forum Section To Simple Guestbook Section You Can Go There Give Comments About Me Or Mine Website Too || Working On News Archive Section.

07/11/2006 (06:28PM): Begin On The "KTH" Download Section And Add New Section Called "News Archives" For My Website.... If Only I Had Time I Can Add More KTH Pictures!!!

07/11/2006 (10:36PM): Hopefully By End Of This Week To Get Website Fully Done And Try To Aim Get At Least 200-250++ KTH Pictures.

10/11/2006 (04:50PM): Sorry For Waiting.... Kim Tae Hui Gallery Page 04 Is Really For Public View!!!!

10/11/2006 (06:36PM): Kim Tae Hui Gallery Page 05 Is Up Liao Go And Take A Look.

11/11/2006 (06:58PM): I Just Update Kim Tae Hui Latest News In Newspaper.

13/11/2006 (10:15PM): This Week Will Be Super Tired And Might Take A Short Break Only Sorry.

15/11/2006 (07:45PM): I'm Back Again Recently Visit More NEW Kim Tae Hee Fan Websites And Try To Upload As Many As I Could About KTH By Tonight. (Working On KTH Gallery Page 6 N 7 Now)

15/11/2006 (08:55PM): The Website Is Fully Done By Me But Thank To Some Other Sites For Their Great Template Help.

15/11/2006 (10:38PM): Kim Tae Hee Gallery Page 6 *Latest One* Has Been Done And Ready To Let You All View It And I Add More Cool Stuffs Into My Website Already. (Work On KTH Gallery Page 7)

20/11/2006 (09:20PM): I Was Happy The Counter Hit 100 Times And Thank Everyone For Support As Recently This Website Getting Slow Because I Busy School Work Plus I Will Be Back Soon. (Half-Way Done For KTH Gallery Page 7)

20/11/2006 (11:20PM): KTH Gallery Page 07 Have Been Done.... Kim Tae Hee Still Single And Those Guys Taken With Her Is Either Her Real Young Brother Or Fellow Actormate.

23/11/2006 (09:59PM): Added Few More Clips Feature Kim Tae Hee While Secret News On [Kim Tae Hee] Now She Want To Have Boyfriend (Around Her Age Or Maybe Older 1-2 Years) || Just Do 1 Simple Gallery Page Cost Me 1 Hour Plus To Edit Here And Edit There But I Didn't Complain I Just Want You All To Support My Website Only.

23/11/2006 (11:30PM): Finally KTH Gallery Page 08 COMPLETED And You Can View It Anytime.

24/11/2006 (11:10AM): Working On KTH Gallery Page 09 While Try Promote Her Movie "The Restless" (See Below For Her Movie Trailer)

26/11/2006 (06:08PM): I'm Back To Work On "Kim Tae Hee" Gallery Page 09 Now Hope Will Get It Done Before 8PM *See Below For Her Video Clips*

26/11/2006 (10:00PM): Sorry I Late But Hey I Very Happy I Completed KTH Gallery Pages (09,10) || My Next Project Might Work On RAIN

26/11/2006 (10:10PM): I Changed The Link South Korean Babes List Into Korean Actor / Actress So Now I Can Focus Doing Actor Like "RAIN" Since Quite Alot Of Female Supporters Like Him Alot. || Small Update On Kim Tae Hee Profile Page

27/11/2006 (07:30PM): Just Come Back From School Damn Tired So This Few Days Won't Do Much But Trying To Make "KIM TAE HEE" Gallery Page 11 Fix And Release It ASAP. (See Below To Enjoy Her Movie Trailer)

30/11/2006 (05:45PM): My Target For Kim Tae Hee Gallery Is To Be Reach At Least 1,000 Different Pictures Before Next Year (2007), This Is My First Impossible Task For My Personal Website If Can Grant It Mean Early Birthday Present For Me.

01/12/2006 (08:50PM): A Small Update On My Profile Page And Now Working On Kim Tae Hee Download Section. (Best International Version Movie Trailer See Below)

04/12/2006 (06:20PM): Sad News One Of My Hard-Disk Corrupt Lucky I Got Another Backup Hard-Disk Have Inside All The Kim Tae Hee Foldiers And Now I Rest Will Be Back By This Friday OR Saturday. STAY TUNED!!!!

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